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Monday, October 28, 2013

2013-14 IRFU Dues


The invoices were passed out at the AGM and so far only a few teams have paid.

To date, only three teams have paid.  The remaining teams have not:

  • Indianapolis Men
  • White River Men
  • Westside Outcast
  • Ft. Wayne
  • Columbus
  • Mercenaries
  • Anderson
  • DePauw
  • Grace
  • USI
  • Wabash
  • Wesleyan

Please contact Chris Kaufman (Treasurer) to arrange payment for next year's dues if you are one the teams listed above.

A copy of the invoice can be found here.

A spreadsheet of status and amount owed can be found here.

A copy of the approved budget can be found here.

Chris Kaufman

USI made it to the Midwest Tournament! - UPDATE 10/31/2013 HELP NEEDED!

UPDATE 10/31/2013
To those in the Central and South part of the state:  I am still looking for one A/R!  I have filled the referee and one A/R position with guys from Louisville.  Please support our state and USI by stepping up to be an A/R for their match this Saturday in Evansville (start time 4:00 EST, 3:00 local).

Please let me know ASAP if you can do this.  The fee is $50 and I’m sure I can get some help for gas if need be.

Hey Everyone,

The University of Southern Indiana won the Indiana Rugby Football Union Final Four this past Saturday!

They are representing our state against the winner of the Wisconsin/CARFU match.  They will be hosting the match this Saturday, 11/2, at the USI pitch in Evansville.

The challenge is this:  we are in need of two A/R's for this match.  I know the Evansville location makes this a challenge.  However, this is when we, as a state of rugby supporters, step up to support one of our own.

I am looking for two certified A/R's to make the trip.  I am calling on all those in the central and southern part of the state.  The school is paying for the fees, and as most of you know, small college schools don't have an abundance of funds.  They can pay $50 per A/R.  I am hoping a couple of people can carpool down there to help support USI.

I am traveling on business most of this week, so the sooner people can step up the better.

BTW:  if USI wins, they will move on to mother National Small College Rugby Organization Central Division Final Four in mid-November.

Jeff Newport,
IRRS President
(260) 704-4167 Cell

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

IRRS 2013 Revised Schedule and Updates- Updated October 23, 2013

Click here to view the most recent update to the Referee Assignments. Here are the links for the Referee ContactsReferee POC and Team Contacts (click each name to view the document).

Schedule Update:
Attached please find the most up to date schedule.

  • 11/2 – We just had a B-side Impalas match become available.  Please let Aaron Fergus know if you are available and willing.  Tim Craft is doing the A-side match and may be available to stay to observe and provide a referee coaching report.
  • 11/2 – The first round of the Central Division of the NSCRO (National Small College Rugby Organization) will be played somewhere in Indiana.  The winner of the Wisconsin/CARFU division is playing the winner of the Indiana DIII Final Four being played this Saturday.  The Indiana winner will be hosting the match.  The challenge is it will be played in either Terra Haute, Warsaw, Evansville, or Fort Wayne.  I ask that all higher rated referees be at the ready to help support once we know the location.  The winner of this match will play in the Central Division Final Four in Elkhart on 11/16 and 11/17.
  • 10/26 DIII Final Four – The times and location are finalized.  The location is the White River fields at 852 West Main Street, Carmel, IN (behind the American Legion).  IPFW v ISU will be the first semifinal at 11:00 and USI v Grace will be the second semifinal at 12:15.  Jim Mead and Matt Doss will be the A/R’s for the semifinals.  The referee for the semifinals will be the A/R’s for the finals.  Payments for these matches will not be at the pitch.  Mark Caruso will forward payment to the referees and A/R’s.
  • 11/16, 11/17 – NCSRO Central Final Four – USA Rugby is providing a referee and Bryan Harshbarger will be the other.  There will be two matches per day.  Tiki Taljaard and Will Mishler will be the A/R’s for both days.  Payment will not be at the field.  Mark Caruso will send payments.

Other Comments:

  • Thanks to all for making this a successful season.  Although there were some last minute changes (as there always is), everyone worked well together to make sure all was covered.  I am especially grateful to those who traveled to our more geographically challenging locations (Oberlin, Doss, Knowlton, Taljaard, etc).  Thanks also to the referees from neighboring Referee Societies (Schrader, Ward) for helping with our southern locals!
  • Special thanks to Aaron Fergus, Eric Barker, and Bryan Harshbarger for their efforts with the scheduling this fall.  One of our goals this fall was to roll out the Regional Scheduling and I think it was very successful.  I am confident that this will be a great springboard to next year.
  • Three Cheers to Jim Mead for all the work he has put into referee coaching this season.  He has personally mentored a number of our newer referees in preparation of the higher demands of next spring.  I cannot remember the last time that Jim has ever said “no” to a request.  His quiet support of our efforts is significant and I hope all appreciate it.

Moving Forward
Regional Scheduling:
The regional scheduling is still planned as follows:
    • Will Mishler – Northwest
    • Bryan Harshbarger – Northeast
    • Aaron Fergus – Central/South High School, College, Club Side
    • Eric Barker  - Central/South Youth
  • I would still like to break out the South into its own region.  Looking for someone to step up!  Please let me know if you can volunteer your time.
  • The Regional Schedulers will work closely with the Regional Mentors for growth opportunities for referees to advance.
Training Sessions:
  • My plan is to have Regional Training Sessions next year.  The target would be the late January through early March time frame.  The idea is to have all the regional coaches and referees together to discuss laws, their interpretation, and their application.  We did this in the Northeast two years ago and it was very successful.  Parents and players attended also and found it very informative.
  • We also would like to set up Referee Certification classes throughout the state.  We will send out correspondence in the next few weeks.  Target will be after the first of the year.
Referee Scheduling:
  • The timing of the Regional Training Sessions will be predicated on the publishing of the Spring schedules from IRFU, RI, and anyone the IRRS is supporting.  The reason is at the end of the Regional Training Session, all the referees stay after to review the spring schedules and determine their assignments.  This process has worked great in the Northeast and it gets all the assignments identified up front.  Of course there will be changes, but at that point you are just managing the change and not the entire schedule.
  • IRRS will be using the scheduling software used by the Michigan Referee Society.  A number of our Indiana referees have used this system and are in favor of adopting it.  It is also a more cost effective system than arbiter.  The programmer is making some enhancements, so it will not be ready until January.  The timing is as such that we could review at the Regional Training Sessions.  This system will allow scheduling, team/pitch location, tracking of scores, discipline issues, etc.
Referee reimbursements:
  • Due to some administrative issues, we had to pay referees at the pitch this fall.  The IRRS is now incorporated.  Beginning next spring, all payment will come from the IRRS via Mark Caruso, Treasurer.  YOU HAVE MY WORD: WE WILL BE TIMELY IN OUR REIMBURSEMENTS TO THE REFEREES.
  • We will be simplifying the payment structure for next spring.  All club side, collegiate, and high school matches will be reimbursed at the same rate of $75 per match.  Youth will be paid at $40.  The mileage reimbursement will be for only those miles greater than 100 miles total.
  • College Representatives – I would really like to see an influx of more referees coming from the college ranks.  Someone in college could referee up to two matches a week in the spring and put $150 in their pocket each week.  That’s good money for school or weekend expenses.  It could also open them up to opportunities all summer long with tournaments and such.
IRRS Annual General Meeting:
  • I am targeting mid-January for the AGM.  More info to follow.
  • I will send out emails to all those on this list to update you regarding training sessions, certification classes, etc.  Please let me know if you would like to be removed from this list.

Last Thoughts:

  • Great job to all the high school kids who participated in Fall rugby.  It turned out to be much bigger than originally hoped and many traveled throughout the state to play this great sport.  No doubt this will make these kids even better next year.
  • Good luck to Grace, ISU, USI, and IPFW in the IRFU DIII Final Four this Saturday.  I’m sure that whoever wins will represent Indiana proudly in the Midwest tournament.
  • Good luck to Indiana and Purdue in the Big Ten Tournament at the Moose Grounds on 11/9.  Bring home the hardware!

Thanks again for everyone’s support this season; it is much appreciated. Let’s build on this cooperative effort going into next year and show how strong rugby in Indiana is at all levels of play.

Jeff Newport,
IRRS President
(260) 704-4167 Cell

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

IRFU AGM Meeting and Agenda, August 24, 11 AM at Moe's Irish Pub

I look forward to see you all this Saturday. Mo's Irish Pub opens at 11 AM (13193 Levinson Lane, Ste 100, Noblesville, IN 46060.  Click here for directions). We will get underway as soon as we get quorum. If you have not confirmed your attendance with me, please do so immediately.

Click here to view and download the agenda.

Bring cash for lunch. The Union will be covering the expenses for soft drinks and coffee. We are also considering covering the tip for everyone's lunch as well.

Whether you have lunch or not, I strongly encourage everyone to stick around for at least a few minutes afterwards and give your patronage to Mo's Irish Pub for hosting us, as well as taking the opportunity to drink a pint with other club admins.

Best of wishes,

Matthew A. Doss, President
Indiana Rugby Football Union.