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Fort Wayne Women's Rugby Club

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Recent Fort Wayne Women's Rugby Club News

IRFU is now using to further improve its communications

12/09/2015, 10:30am EST
By Matthew A. Doss, Esq., SPHR

New program is slicker than your email and is specific to our group and your group.

In addition to email and our Facebook group page, we will also use Slack for topic discussions and the like. Slack allows us to organize our conversations in open channels without flooding email or facebook. We can make a channel for a project, a topic, a team, or anything—everyone has a transparent view of all that’s going on. It also allows for private team channels, direct messaging, drag/drop files, and it allows us to search for past communications easier. 

USA Rugby Eligibility Rules

03/24/2015, 6:00am EDT
By Matthew Doss, President

Is your club eligible for competitive rugby?

Below are the USA Rugby Eligibility guidelines for clubs to play competitive rugby. Before we get to that, let's discuss a few IRFU-specific guidelines:

Level 200 Coach: Unfortunately, we were unable to put together Level 200 Coach class before the Spring season began and the nearest upcoming class appears to be in Texas. Rest assured, I am working with our resident coach instructor to get a Level 200 class right here in Indiana in early August, before our next AGM. We will reimburse each club a significant portion of the cost of the class for your representative to attend. Sorry, one reimbursement per club. Yes, you may send a representative and seek reimbursement, even if your club already has a Level 200 coach. 


Playing un-CIPP'd team: According to the Midwest Rugby Football Union Bylaws, Article 5: 

A Member may only play matches with:
1.        Other Members in Good Standing.
2.        Clubs in Good Standing of other unions recognized by USARFU.

This means that your club MUST NOT play any other club who is not in Good Standing with USA Rugby. There are a couple of schools in Indiana that have sought games who do not have any registered players and have not registered their clubs with USA Rugby. One such club was recognized as a provisional club several years ago, but did not complete the steps to register their club with USA Rugby. If they are not a part of IRFU or another LAU, check to see if they have registered as a club. Your club MUST NOT play, scrimmage or practice with these clubs or their players. If you do, your play at your own risk and are subject to sanctions by IRFU, MRFU, and USAR.


Minimum 15 Players: This is a firm rule for USA Rugby, even though the IRB rulebook says you can play with less than 15 players. Within IRFU, we do allow teams to enter a provisional status, but Provisional member clubs must still be CIPP-registered with USA Rugby (both club and 15 players minimum). However, you may register as a Sevens team to compete in Sevens and 10s games, usually B-side matches after a 15s game. My suggestion if your club can only field 14 players or less: I am 100% sure it is permissible to register your club a Sevens team with USA Rugby, but I am unsure if you can transfer your status to a 15s squad (once you get that 15th player) without incurring additional costs, so check with USA Rugby first if you go that route.


For a full explanation of club eligibility, please go to